Become a Provider

Lift for Life is licensed to health and fitness businesses who manage or have access to a range of progressive resistance equipment required to deliver the program as well as appropriately qualified and experienced staff.

Businesses who want to become licensed providers of Lift for Life must have an Accredited Lift for Life Trainer to deliver the sessions. Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and experienced Personal Trainers (minimum Certificate IV) can become Accredited Lift for Life Trainers. 

For training information visit deliver the Lift for Life program. For trainers currently delivering the program visit ongoing education section.

Benefits of being a Provider

There are many business and professional benefits of delivering Lift for Life.

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Deliver the Lift for Life Program

To deliver a Lift for Life program you must first complete the requirements of a Lift for Life training workshop.

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Fact Sheets for Participants

Fact sheets to help your participants stay motivated and informed.

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Find a service provider

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