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Physical activity - staying motivated - Better Health Channel
Sticking to an exercise or physical activity routine can be difficult. You need to pick an activity that appeals to you, suits your budget and lifestyle, and doesn't involve a lot of travel. Finding someone to exercise with can be a good way to help yourself stay motivated.

Physical activity - overcoming the barriers - Better Health Channel
Finding the time and interest to build physical activity into your daily life can sometimes be difficult. We can all come up with lots of excuses to avoid exercise including lack of time, fatigue and even the weather.

Physical activity - men - Better Health Channel
Men aged between 30 and 50 years are often not very physically active because they are busy with work and family commitments. Lack of physical activity or exercise is linked to a range of health problems including obesity, heart disease and some forms of cancer.

Physical activity - women - Better Health Channel
Many women find it hard to find the time to exercise due to the demands of parenting and lack of time, money or motivation. However, there are lots of ways you can incorporate exercise into your weekly schedule. A few minor changes to your daily lifestyle can also increase your physical activity level.

National Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults
The brochure sets out four steps to better health for Australian adults.

National Physical Activity Guidelines for Older Adults
These recommendations were developed in reference to the existing National Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults published by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.

Australian Dietary Guidelines Poster
Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. A visual snapshot.


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Physical activity, physical functioning and disability in older adults

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