Benefits of being a Provider

Lift for Life is delivered as a series of supervised 8-week programs. The sessions are conducted in small groups of no more than 12, in specially licensed facilities.

There are many business and professional benefits of delivering Lift for Life including; 

  • Deliver a structured evidence-based program recognised by the primary health care sector
  • Potential to develop new referral pathways through the Medical and Health professionals 
  • Reaching a new type of client base who may not have exercised in a while or ever before
  • The opportunity to make a positive impact on the health of your community that hasn't been physically active in a long time
  • Personal and professional satisfaction

Australia has an aging population. By 2051 it is predicted that the number of Australians over the age of 65 will double. This will have significant implications for the entire Australian population. It will become critically important to maintain the health of older adults to minimise the impact on the Australian health care system for which we will have less employed workers supporting through the contribution of taxes.

Additionally, older adults are becoming increasingly aware of the need for healthy aging and they will increasingly demand services which are tailored to their specific needs. Businesses who are responsive to older adults needs will have an opportunity to prosper as the numbers of older adults in the community increase.

Due to high levels of sedentary behaviour combined with poor diets, the Australian population is getting fatter and obesity rates and soaring. Obesity is one of the leading contributors to type 2 diabetes and therefore along with obesity rates, diabetes rates are also increasing significantly. The need for evidence-based programs that help GP’s, Diabetes Educators and those with or at risk of type 2 diabetes confidently manage this increasing problem will be in great demand.

This has been the best experience for me as a fitness professional. I love these clients.

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