Carla's Story | Changing lives through Lift for Life


Carla Munday is a Lift for Life accredited trainer. She has been a personal trainer for 11 years and, for the first time, is working with people who have many health and ‘real-life' concerns.

Here's what she has to say about working with her Lift for Life group. She describes how she has helped impact the lives of people in Queenstown, Tasmania - a town which she says has very ‘limited health services' and was in desperate need of support.

"I travelled 2.5 hours each way to deliver the Lift for Life session once a week because I was committed to breaking down the barriers to better health in the Queenstown community. I wanted to be more than just their trainer; I wanted to be a supportive ally in their quest for a healthier life."

"Some of the problems that people in the group presented with include depression, chronic illness, Type 2 Diabetes and isolation. I've had to face their social and mental outlook which was very challenging at times. I had to refer group members to their GPs, physiotherapists and exercise physiologists throughout the program to provide support in other areas."

 "I have grown as a trainer because my perspective is on what is within my clients rather than a focus on external appearances. Lift for Life gave me the opportunity to make positive changes to the quality-of-life of these group members."

"I really wanted to reach these people and remove any existing barriers to physical activity, this meant that I specifically had to dedicate extra time to listen, learn and understand each individual rather than rushing through and treating them as a number."

"Maintaining a bright positive and professional manner at all times as well as using affirmation and motivational techniques also helped to break down barriers."

"Over time the group became motivated enough to train without me a couple of times a week and developed a bond that brought them together to maintain and make improvements to the facility. They took ownership which gave them a great sense of achievement."

"There is a level of emotional attachment when you commit to changing people's lives because they trust you as a professional to help them. It was very gratifying helping someone and seeing the amazing improvements to their day to day lives."

"I enjoy helping people with the aim of improving their overall health and wellbeing. It is a balance between managing and preventing disease.  That is what drives me now."

"It has been life changing for them and for me."

Carla now works at Training Fix - an exercise physiology clinic in Ulverstone, Tasmania.

Lift for Life has helped her to make the transition from a fitness instructor and personal trainer to an advanced role, working closely with illness and chronic health conditions. 

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