Risk Assessment Template now Available


Lift for Life providers who register their program activities on the Healthy Living Network website are required to submit a completed risk assessment. A risk assessment template has been developed in Microsoft Word with writable fields in which providers can add and edit information.

Click here to download the Sample Risk Assessment for Fitness Businesses.

The risk assessment is best used in conjunction with Safety First: An Occupational Health & Safety Guide for Fitness Businesses.  


More about the Healthy Living Network...

The Healthy Living Network is an online registration portal that is funded as part of the Commonwealth Government’s Healthy Communities Initiative (HCI) and offers a list of healthy living programs.

As well as being promoted to community members the portal is being promoted to health and medical professionals as a referral pathway for their patients. All of the programs that are listed on the Healthy Living Network have been assessed against a Quality Framework and were found to be of high quality.

Who is eligible?: Any business that is licensed to deliver the Lift for Life program is eligible to register on the portal. If you are working under the HCI with a Lift for Life Start-up Grant, it is a requirement that you register your program. 

How to register?: For step-by-step instructions on how to list your Lift for Life program refer to the document How to Register as a Licensee and look at the Licensee Registration Fact Sheet

Fitness Australia encourages all Lift for Life providers to list their programs on the online portal. To find out more contact Samantha Raheb or visit the Healthy Living Network website http://www.healthylivingnetwork.com.au/