Decrease Diabetes Risk


Gold Coast Mail 

Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to many related health conditions like heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and circulation problems.

Up to 60 per cent of Type 2 Diabetes cases can be prevented.

Manager of Healthy Inspirations The Pines, Danielle Hall said women with a waist measurement over 82cm have an increased risk of Type 2 Diabetes and over 88cm the risk is significantly increased.

If diagnosed early, diabetes can be effectively managed and the risk of serious health problems greatly reduced.

According to Diabetes Australia, Type 2 Diabetes is by far the most common and accounts for 85 to 90 per cent of all cases.

In fact, the International Diabetes Federation predicts that if trends continue, within 25 years diabetes may become the largest epidemic the world has ever seen.

"Diabetes often follows insulin resistance.

"Besides a family history of heart disease or diabetes, women who had diabetes during pregnancy or who had a baby over nine pounds are at higher risk of developing insulin resistance," Danielle said.

Healthy Inspirations has recently included a new program to their Gold Coast Centre's, specifically designed for people with Type 2 Diabetes.

The program was designed by Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute (Baker IDI), who are the nation's premier health and medical research institute for tackling the deadly trio of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The program, Lift for Life, is a progressive strength training program for people with or at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

Healthy Inspirations Helensvale and The Pines are the only providers for Lift for Life on the Gold Coast.

Lift for Life is the tangible outcome of over a decade of research where it was proven that moderate to high intensity strength training, that is strengthening muscle and building muscle mass, can significantly assist in combating Type 2 Diabetes through helping manage the condition in those who have it and helping prevent it in those at risk.

In February 2009 Healthy Inspirations Helensvale and The Pines launched the Lift for Life Program.

"The participants of the Lift for Life program will work towards better control of their diabetes, an increase in muscle strength, a healthier weight, stronger bones, improvement in flexibility, balance and posture and increased energy," Danielle said.

For more information on Lift for Life go to or call Healthy Inspirations The Pines on (07) 5534 4666.